About Us

barbertime logo 2 About Us

Inspired by the story and concept of the pirates, Barbertime introduces its brand ‘Pirates of the Barbertime’ as a high end men grooming brand, fırst created in 2018, set to deliver men needs for grooming and styling.

At Barbertime we offer the heritage and tradition of barbering with a modern touch, we present a range of hair and skin care products made specially to suit the needs of barbers and men in general.

Because men deserve a good care we strive to develop innovative range of products, suitable for modern men necessities.

We renew, explore, reinvent and consistly create new products in order to stay at the top, as a company we have a vision of listening to our distributors needs and create the product they need according their Geography and demography.

Where do we see ourselves:

For a good or a bad day, a good hair will always make you feel great, so we are going to be that go to brand for every mood, you can count on us for your all mood hair style.

We aim to be the go to brand for your special day and everyday occasion.